10-year-old boy escaped earthquake in Syria to live a dream: meet CR7 | Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

When, on the night of February 6, the earth shook in southern Turkey, in an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, its effects were felt hundreds of kilometers away, affecting an estimated population of 24 million people. , with, for now, 51,907 confirmed deaths. Among these is the father of Nabil Saeed, a Syrian boy who was rescued from the rubble by a Saudi Arabian rescue team, who had traveled to Syria to help in the aftermath of the tragedy.

In the euphoria of having found the child alive, the operatives filmed the moment and asked him about his greatest dream, discovering that the young man, despite having ended up going through an ordeal, had not forgotten his greatest wish: meet cristiano ronaldothe Portuguese international, currently playing for Saudi Al-Nassr.

The heartwarming video reached Turki al-Sheikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority’s Saudi Board of Directors, who shared hoping to be able to identify and locate the boy through social media.

Internet magic: the dream came true.

On Friday, among the crowd that attended the match between Al Nassr and Al-Batin, at the King Saud University Stadium, in Riyadh, were little Nabil and his mother, who were able to witness the victory of Ronaldo’s team in a rare comeback: despite being 0-1 down after 90 minutes, added time gave them the opportunity to score three goals.

But the most beautiful moment of the night was not that for Nabil Saeed, but rather when he had the opportunity to be face to face with his hero. And the video by Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo hugging the boy quickly became viral.

“When I saw Ronaldo, I thought it was a dream. I couldn’t believe what he saw. I didn’t know when this dream was going to end, I didn’t know. I pray to God it’s not a dream,” Saeed told Reuters, adding that the player It is a really kind person”.

In addition to a high number of deaths, due to the fact that most people, at the time it occurred, were at home and sleeping, the earthquake of February 6th and subsequent aftershocks resulted, so far, in around 120,000 injuries, with at least 2.4 million people displaced.

The intensity of the earthquake reached the level before the Mercalli maximum. With an intensity of XI, it was considered catastrophic.

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