10,000 French-speaking children placed in a family or in a center: "This is not suitable for all children"

Some minors are too “damaged” to be able to bond with a new family.

According to the 2019 statistics communicated to us by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, precisely 9,447 children are placed. A figure that remains more or less stable from year to year. These are placements made by parents who no longer feel fit or who accept to admit their incapacity (relationship difficulties, neglect, dropping out of school, etc.). Or placements decided by justice in the event of mistreatment and danger for example. In 2020, there were 6,535 Belgian minors placed following a decision by a juvenile judge.

Basically, there is an alarm request or signal. Most often expressed by the judicial sphere, a front-line service, one or both parent (s), a family member or a “familiar” (teacher, sports coach, relationship…). Sometimes triggered by the minor himself (882 cases).

This is where the SAJ comes in. The youth assistance services draw up reports and then propose a solution, either agreed to by the parents or transferred to the hands of a juvenile judge.

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