Some of the cats were sick and neglected.  (Symbol image)

Because they are said to have kept more than 100 cats in their house in Großhansdorf, two women have to answer before the Ahrensburg district court.

Ahrensburg – The trial of two women for the en masse holding of cats District court Ahrensburg was discontinued on Thursday. The court ordered them to pay 300 euros to the Ahrensburg Animal Welfare Association.

Some of the cats were sick and neglected. (Symbol picture) © Arne Dedert / dpa

The 78-year-old mother and her 55-year-old daughter were accused of keeping more than 100 cats in poor conditions in their house in Großhansdorf near Hamburg.

Above all, the 55-year-old showed little insight at first. Although the court had photos that clearly showed the conditions in the completely neglected house, she maintained for a long time that she had only kept and lovingly cared for 43 cats.

She accused the authorities of targeting her. Only after the judge and the mother’s lawyer had spoken to her conscience that she agreed to the closure of the case.

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The public prosecutor had accused mother and daughter of a violation of the animal welfare law. The cats were poorly cared for and not given veterinary treatment, the prosecution said. This caused unnecessary suffering and pain to the animals.

The cats rescued in August 2019 had been distributed to nine different animal shelters. They have now been referred to new owners, said an animal shelter on the sidelines of the negotiation.

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