14 minutes of play, ball in the private parts and disqualification "à la Djokovic"

Tennys Sandgren. Most tennisophiles of you probably know this name. For the others, Sandgren is a distinguished tennis player, double quarter-finalist of the Australian Open (2018 and 2020) and short-lived 41st in the world in 2019.

Today fallen back to 101st place in the ATP ranking, the American has established himself as the number 1 favorite (he was seeded) in the challenger tournament in Cary in North Carolina. Unfortunately for him, all did not go as planned.

Rather judge. While Sandgren is opposed to his compatriot, Christopher Eubanks, he grabs the first game and therefore leads 1-0. The match only started 14 minutes ago and here he is in service. Only here, the young ball collector at his side controls his throw very badly and sends one slightly too strong … which bounces against the ground before finishing its race in the private parts of the American.

The perpetrator of the crime“No matter how much you apologize, the damage is done. Bruised by so much audacity, Sandgren makes a gesture of humor and re-catapults the ball which bounces against a barrier … and hits the buttocks of the linesman. Yes. , Yes…

A gesture deemed unsportsmanlike by the same linesman who disqualifies Sandgren on the field. An ultra-comical disqualification, à la Djokovic version US Open 2020, which will probably go down in history as the fastest disqualification in history.

Pushed towards the exit after 14 short minutes, Sandgren, obviously not resentful, reacted with a lot of humor to his elimination: “So tonight (Tuesday) I got a pickup bullet that was a bit too ‘spicy’ in my private parts. I sent her back against the barrier (in annoyance, Editor’s note) and she bounced off hitting the linesman’s buttocks as I walked away to the other side. The result ? A disqualification. And you, how was your evening? (Eurosport)

Afterwards he published a second tweet to explain sportingly that his elimination was entirely his fault.

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