15th birthday party with Ivete Sangalo and Filipe Ret goes viral on the web

Image: Photo: Reproduction / Social networks

A 15th birthday party held at the Copacabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, over the weekend went viral on social media because of the luxury and attractions. The event had concerts by Ivete Sangalo, Filipe Ret, Dennis Dj, L7nonn and Xamã.

Suppliers who posted photos of the event on social media reported that the event setup took 10 days. Internet users investigated and discovered that the birthday girl is from the family of the owner of a famous supermarket chain in Rio de Janeiro.

“A certain someone VERY RICH rented the Copacabana Palace halls to hold his daughter’s 15th birthday party. 10 days of assembly (can you imagine the rent?). I’m watching the videos and it’s something out of this world”, wrote an internet user. .

“And a darling who had a 15th birthday party with a better lineup than The Town,” commented another Twitter user.

According to decorator Patricia Vaks, who signed the event, the name given was “Castelo High Tech”. All of the hotel’s lounges were rented out and a carriage-shaped photo booth was the highlight of the night.


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