16-year-old man paralyzed the New York subway while walking through tunnels

A 16-year-old girl spent almost two hours walking in the tunnels of the Metro de New York (USA) from Manhattan to Queen. The seasoned action paralyzed service on the F line that passes under the East River.

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According NBC News, the police said that the minor began her “walk” at the E. 63rd St / Lexinton Avenue station at almost 2 pm. At first it was thought that the minor fell to the tracks by accident and not voluntarily.

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Seeing the teenager between the tracks that go under the sea, the MTA suspended the service of the F train between the station Upper East Side and Queensbridge for many hours.

Officers eventually managed to get the unidentified young woman off the tracks. She appeared unharmed, but was taken for a medical evaluation.

“F trains have resumed their regular stops between Manhattan and Queens in both directions after the NYPD responded to an unauthorized person in the area of ​​tracks between Roosevelt Island and Lexington Av / 63 St”, Said the entity in its social networks about what happened.


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