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The government announced this Wednesday, September 15, the arrival of a shipment with 160,290 doses of the vaccine against him Covid 19 made by the North American laboratory Pfizer. The doses will arrive in the country around noon, from the USA.

Shipping is in addition to 100,620 injections that the same pharmaceutical company had sent at the beginning of the month, which were already distributed among the Argentine provinces. The government estimates that before the end of September he will be able to obtain 580,000 doses.

What will the next 6 months of the Covid 19 pandemic be like?

Among November and dicember, the arrival of vaccines from Pfizer it will accelerate, according to official calculations. In the last two months of the year, the contract signed in August, which contemplates the arrival of 20 million doses in the country during the remainder of 2021, should become effective.

After 12 o’clock, the landing of flight AA991 from American Airlines, with the sera provided for this day. Government authorities reported that the first vaccines Pfizer that are in Argentine territory are being destined to the adolescent population, since this serum together with that of the laboratory Modern, are the only ones approved for use in minors.

Sinopharm, the most applied vaccine in Argentina

Regarding the arrival of a new shipment from Pfizer, the national government reported details of the progress in the vaccination plan.

Until now, Argentina has 60,217,440 vaccines.

  • 17.180.320 son of Sputnik В.
  • 10,955,280 correspond to component 1 (1,179,625 produced by Richmond)
  • 6,225,040 from component 2 (1,765,875 produced by Richmond).

From the AstraZeneca firm, the country already has 16,124,500 vaccines.

  • 580.000 de Covishield
  • 1,944,000 received by the Covax mechanism
  • 12,389,500 provided directly by the laboratory
  • 400,000 donated by Spain
  • 811,000 for Mexico

Meanwhile, he received 22,912,000 from the laboratory Sinopharm.

3,500,000 of Modern donated by the United States.

400,000 of Cansino.

100,620 that have already arrived from Pfizer.


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