19-0!  Red Flames book absolute record win in World Cup qualification...


The Red Flames (FIFA-19) have achieved a record win in the World Cup qualifier against Armenia (FIFA-128). After 45 minutes it was already 11:0. A monster score. In the end it was still 19-0. The Flames have never won with clearer numbers.

Armenia was simply not involved and was absolutely no match for the Flames. Even in training, the Belgians do not score so easily. The Armenian goalkeeper really let every ball pass and the defenders of Armenia seemed transfixed. Childishly easy they let themselves be ringed time and again.

Wijnants and Vanhaevermaet both scored once. Eurlings, Teulings and Cayman scored two goals and Tysiak and De Caigny each scored a hat-trick. Wullaert took the lead with five goals. The only downside was that De Caigny remained injured in the dressing room after the break.

The Flames gained confidence for the important clash against competitor Poland next Tuesday, but this match was not a benchmark. It will be a different story against stiff Poland and then the Flames have to win if they want to jump over Poland to second place in Group F.

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