‘1st time I felt beautiful’

Actress Joy Synday made a surprising report in recent days. In an interview with the American Seventeen magazine, the star of the Netflix series ‘Wandinha’ revealed that it was in Bahia that she felt beautiful for the 1st time.

“I remember three women in Bahia, in a church. They stopped me and told me I was beautiful. I remember being in disbelief because I didn’t believe them. It was the first time I really stopped to think of myself as a beautiful person.”

During the chat, she even relived the moments she spent in Brazilian lands with just US$ 300, at the time, the dollar was highly valued in the country.

“I participated in a youth enrichment program located in Harlem called ‘The Brotherhood Sister Sol.’ I was in Brazil when I was 13 years old. So I had found this opportunity, which opened many doors for me and brought me to where I am today,” she added.

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