2nd day of Carnival in Salvador has Anitta flirt and delay

The second day of the Circuito Dodô highlighted the parade of Anitta, who led the block “Eu Vou”, Pabllo Vittar, Carlinhos Brown, Léo Santana, Luísa Sonza, Oh Polêmico, among others.

Dressed in honor of Joan of Arc, Anitta put all her irreverence, as usual, on top of the trio. The singer “flirted” Oh Controversial when calling him in the trio. “Are you going to put your doll on?”, she joked.

Another that pleased Anitta was the mayor of Salvador, Bruno Reis. “Look at the mayor of the city, guys, how chic. Look at the cat that’s behind him over there. What a delight, the mayor and his friend”, said the singer.

Still along the way, a street vendor working on the route had the styrofoam broken. The situation caused a start of confusion in front of the trio. The moment was recorded by iBahia. The singer also saw the moment of a attempted theft and scolded the suspect.

Pabllo Vittar also had to stop the trio after catching a fight. She invited Luísa Sonza to her trio. Already Bell Marques had an employee detained by the police and caught the attention of the police during the party. He asked the police for more tranquility when completing the approach.

At Farol da Barra, at the exit of the circuit, Carlinhos Brown’s trio, Camarote Andante, had a technical problem and delayed the parade of other artists on the Dodô circuit.

The problem in the trio started right after the singer celebrated the wedding of the singer Paulinho Moska with actress Larissa Bracher. The ceremony took place on the side where the trio was parked to allow the others to pass.

Daniela Mercury made an outburst when starting the presentation. The singer asked for respect for artists and made reference to the Rouanet Law. “We fight a lot to be here. If this exists, it’s because we artists pay our bills, our taxes, it wasn’t sponsored by anyone as they say out there, “she said.

Campo Grande and Pelourinho

Packed by fanfares, baianas, sound cars and trios, the Osmar circuit, in Campo Grande, stirred up the revelers this Friday. The circuit maintains the tradition of rescuing old carnivals and giving visibility to new artists.

É O Tchan, Thiago Aquino and Alvorada, the samba block, were the highlights of the day. Besides them, Olodum also paraded.

This year, the band told a little about the history of percussion with the theme “Drums: A Beat of the Heart – Paths of Eternity”. Mateus Vidal and Narcizinho were invited to compose the block’s corner wing, in addition to Lazinho and Lucas di Fiori. And in Pelourinho, Emicida presented the AmarElo tour show.

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