3 Logan Webb facts to scare away Dodgers fans

Giants have announced who will be their starter for the last and final of the series against the Dodgers: the young rookie Logan Webb, a tremendous pitcher who in his first start turned off the Los Angeles bats, he will do it again.

How has Logan Webb fared before against the Dodgers?

Friend, friend, if you are a fan of the Dodgers we recommend you stop reading right here. Hahaha

Because in short, Webb was a real nightmare for the Angels in game one of the series. And here are the data that prove it:

  • 0 runs allowed
  • 10 strikeouts
  • 7.2 innings pitched / only 5 hits against, no walks
  • 92 pitches / 64 strikes (70% of his pitches)

The of Webb vs. Dodgers It is, at the moment, the best start of a pitcher in all the playoffs, supernaod superb performances like Fried against Brewers, Corbin against Atlanta, Urías against Giants and Eovaldi against Tampa, to name a few.

Now, you can say, well one night or any bad night has it … well, here are three data from Webb in the season so that Dodgers fans are scared:

1.- Invicto en Oracle Park

There is no more to say, only that Webb and Giants have not lost a single of their games when he opens in the bay, will it be the sea? Will it be the people?

  • 13 starts with 0 losses

2.- They don’t know it

Dodgers and Giants being division rivals, let’s say they basically know each other, something that in particular can hurt pitchers a bit as batters become familiar with their pitches, command and strategies.

Butoooo Webb only released them once in the entire year. And what we can tell you is that he also did well:

  • 3 hits allowed / 1 BB / 1 run allowed / EFE 1.50

Maybe the only thing we could say about that outing is that he wasn’t so bossy with the strikeouts and still had 5 chocolates.

3.- He likes Thursdays

In baseball, nothing is coincidence and everything is measurable. So for tomorrow you also consider the day of the week: Thursday.

How is Weeb doing on Thursdays? Nothing bad

  • This year he pitched three games on Thursday, did not lose any (1 win)
  • Effectiveness of 2.65 with 17 innings pitched
  • He did not allow a home run

So now you know, there are the data for you to place your bet.

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