4 podcasts from Bahia with information, celebrities and culture

1. CAN.com | @pode.com.oficial

CAN.com is the podcast of diversity. Focused on bringing the best of Bahia and giving visibility to artists and producers who move culture in the state.

In the “chat” model, Jackson Costa, actor and presenter from Itabuna-BA, proposes humanistic dialogues where he CAN (almost) everything, making music and conversation mix and complete each other. CAN is produced in the capital of Bahia and has a studio equipped with high technology and its own band to get the best out of our interviewees.

2. PodQuatro | @podquatro_

PodQuatro focuses on debating topics such as art, culture, entrepreneurship and society with its guests. Ideal for those looking for entertainment and information, the conversations also encompass secrets not yet revealed and angles on the personal lives of each guest.

The project has been gaining prominence in Bahian soil and has already received celebrities such as Tania Toko (Ó Paí Ó; actress), Renato Piaba (Comedian), Sarajane (Singer), Lukas Lelé (influencer and former drummer of Said Bamba), Guga Wala ( Actor), Duda Maryá (Influencer), Matheus Peleteiro (Writer), Vanessa Brunt (Writer and Journalist) and Aline França (Stand Up Comedian).

3. BahiaCast |@bahiacast

BahiaCast features interviews with public and Bahian figures from different niches. Influencers, singers and several other artists from Salvador participate in relaxed chats full of reflections. With practical tips, information and everyday topics, conversations address topics such as art, lifestyle, music, politics and social criticism.

4. Bargunça Podcast | @barguncapdc

Sorry for the Mess! This is how the podcast is presented, making it clear that it will bring a sequence of conversations without a script and with free themes. Guests come from different niches, ranging from Bahian singers to journalists. The hosts make a point of getting the funniest stories from the lives of the interviewees, as well as trivia not yet seen elsewhere.

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