4 times Walcyr Carrasco became angry and punished Globo actors

One of the main authors of Globo, Walcyr Executioner he has a reputation for punishing actors who do not comply with what is asked of him. From character to ghost. The punishments for actresses backstage were the most diverse.

Among the names punished by the author are Elizabeth Savala, Claudia Raia e Marina Ruy Barbosa. Check out the following cases that prove that the novelist does not only have an executioner in name.

Elizabeth Savala

In the soap opera Chocolate com Pimenta, in 2003, Elizabeth Savala began to improvise a text, putting “shards” in the script for the serial. Anyone who knows Walcyr well knows that he doesn’t like the actors messing with the script he’s written.

For breaking the rule, Savala was punished by the author. In this ocasion, his character, the shrew Jezebel, was speechless. She returned to speaking only after several chapters and thus the actress stopped improvising.

Alexandre Barillari

Villain of the soap opera Alma Gêmea, in 2005, Alexandre Barillari is one more of those punished by the novelist. At the time the six o’clock soap opera was aired, the actor was starring in the play “The Mystery of the Terrified Ghost”, also written by Walcyr Carrasco.

Upon discovering that actress Bia Seidl was earning a higher salary, Barillari became angry and left the show. Revolted by the attitude, the writer killed his character in the plot of Globo and he spent the rest of the plot as a ghost tormenting other characters.

Claudia Raia

Who also caused Carrasco’s ire for putting “shards” in the text was Claudia Raia. Interpreter of the villain Sapphira in Seven Sins, she revolted the author for breaking his rule. However, she was not as lucky as Elizabeth Savala.

Angered by the non-compliance with what he asked, the novelist killed the character. In the seven o’clock soap opera, the villain died in an explosion.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Walcyr Carrasco’s debut at nine o’clock also had revolt and punishment. In Amor à Vida (2013), Marina Ruy Barbosa played Nicole. In the story, the young woman had cancer and was undergoing dramatic treatment.

Because of the character, the actress would have to shave her hair. However, with the soap already on the air, she refused to run machine zero on the red threads. In the face of resistance, the author killed the character.

But he didn’t let Marina get rid of the soap opera. After death, Nicole became a ghost that was wandering and tormenting the coup-mongering fiance, Thales (Ricardo Tozzi).

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