413 illegal immigrants arrested through operation
migration and the 10th battalion of the Dominican army, detained 413 undocumented Haitians during an operation in this province and Montecristi

Members of the migration control team of the General Directorate of Migration and the 10th Battalion of the Dominican Army, detained 413 undocumented Haitians during operations in this province and Montecristi respectively.

Foreigners in irregular migratory conditions were detained at the community military checkpoints, Mangá in Guayubín, Matas de Santa Cruz. Copey, Massacre and the Montecristi Bridge, while in Dajabón they made arrests at the Cañongo, Palo Blanco, Los Miches, Don Miguel, Santiago de la Cruz and Tamarindo checkpoints.

Of the total number of detainees, 348 were male and 65 were female, some were post-mortem, so they were taken to the shelter center in Dajabón, where they are purged to repatriate them to their territory.

The operations ordered by the director general of migration Enrique García, are carried out in the area by the military team headed by Lieutenant Commander Manuel García Montero, in charge of security and Hipólito Alcántara Evelio), in charge of the personnel, with the support of the members of the 10th Infantry Battalion of the Dominican Army.

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