5 euros for the winners, a slap in the face for the losers: a Belgian Youtubeur plays Squid Game in the street

After having caused some excesses among the youngest, especially in a school in Erquelinnes, Squid Game has now inspired a Flemish Youtuber. Netflix’s hit series, which is on the sidelines to become the streaming platform’s most watched show, gave 21-year-old Youtuber Acacia Jr. Mbenga some ideas. In the streets of Antwerp, he went with his cameraman to meet passers-by and challenge them to the game “ddakji”. The principle, try to turn over a red card by throwing a blue card. In case of victory, the participants received five euros, the losers received a slap in the face. The issue was therefore very far from the series, since in fiction, the lives of the participants are threatened.

A concept of video which the Flemings seemed to adhere to. “To be honest, we didn’t expect to attract so many people. There were even so many people that the police came to check if we were hitting too hard. (laughs) Fortunately, our game didn’t stop“, explains the YouTuber to our colleagues at Laatste Nieuws. The aim of this video was to conduct a social experiment.”Of course, we were aware that some people would go too far and become violent, so we gave a little slap to stay in the theme.“, revealed Dilan, the cameraman.”It shows that people can do a lot for little money.“, concluded the two friends.

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