5 tips for resetting stress

Don’t put these things off for work. And: treat yourself to unplanned time. Pay attention to your own needs.

3. Try it out

Set specific goals for the coming year about what things you want to do for yourself. Formulate these goals in concrete terms. For example: I do sports every Monday. And not vaguely, something like: I will do more exercise. If you fail, don’t punish yourself. This will take you into a negative spiral and the stress level will rise. Try out your goals. When you realize that you don’t enjoy jogging, try something different.

4. Expand your view

Our social relationships suffered a lot, especially in 2020 and 2021. One way to lower your stress levels is to use your social relationships. The psychologist advises actively meeting friends and being lively. In times of social distance, this could also be done via video telephony or telephone calls. “Chat with someone and avoid stressful topics such as vaccinations, corona or work. Avoid the negative, ”says Bettina Klaninger.

5. Evaluate

When you have implemented the previous points, evaluate them again and again. In quiet moments, ask yourself: Have I managed to implement my specific goals? Is it realistic that I have brunch with friends every Saturday? Or do I have to adapt what is planned. Especially between the years it makes sense to focus on yourself. “The most important thing is to start. Take your time, not just once, but again and again, to evaluate what is good. “

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