Leopoldina de Bragança has had more and more space in Nos Tempos do Imperador. The plot of the character during adult life has aroused the public’s interest about what happened to the princess in the history books and that’s why we’ve separated a list with some interesting facts!

Curiosities of Leopoldina de Bragança – Renounced the title of princess

After she married the German prince Luís Augusto de Saxe-Coburgo-Gota, the daughter of Dom Pedro II and Teresa Cristina renounced her title of princess in Brazil and became Duchess of Saxe. As Leopoldina’s male brothers had died in infancy, Afonso Pedro and Pedro Afonso, the girl’s resignation made Isabel the sole heir to the throne.

Princesa was born in the São Cristóvão Palace, in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Wikipedia Commons/Reproduction

Leopoldina could only be visited once a week

According to Aventuras na História, Leopoldina de Bragança could only receive visitors or participate in parties on Sundays. The other days of the week were reserved for studies.

Both Leopoldina and Isabel were cultured and received highly qualified classes in different areas of knowledge, in addition to learning many different languages.

Switched suitors with sister

Dom Pedro II’s initial idea was not that Leopoldina marry Luis Augusto, the prince was destined to exchange alliances with Isabel. However, after Isabel, Leopoldina de Bragança, Gastão de Orleans and Luís Augusto de Saxe met, the chemistry spoke louder and the couples decided to make an exchange.

After the emperor’s approval, Leopoldina then decided to marry Louis Augustus and Isabel stayed with Gaston. Both wedding ceremonies took place in October 1864.

leopoldine and husband
Marriage Wasn’t Long – Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Reproduction

Children of Leopoldina de Bragança were born in Brazil

After she married Luís Augusto, Leopoldina was divided between living in Brazil and Europe. The girl went to live on another continent, but she always returned to Brazil when she was about to give birth, so that the children could be born in the Americas.

Pedro Augusto, José Fernando, Augusto Leopoldo were born in the Leopoldina Palace, in Quinta da Boa Vista in Rio de Janeiro, a residence next to the palace of Dom Pedro II. Luís, the couple’s youngest child, was the only one born in Europe. Tired of the exhausting dynamics, the couple decided not to travel to Brazil and the boy’s birth took place in Austria, the country of Leopoldina’s grandmother.

Pedro Augusto, José and Augusto Leopoldo – Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Reproduction

Leopoldina de Bragança died young

The daughter of Dom Pedro II died at the age of 23, in February 1871. The noblewoman was going to turn 24 in July of that year and a few months later she would have been married for 7 years.

She was a victim of typhoid fever and had hallucinations and severe seizures in her last moments. She became ill from drinking contaminated water in the city of Vienna, Austria, where she lived at the time.

Despite dying in Austria – at the time the Austrian emperor Francisco José I declared official 30-day mourning for the Brazilian’s death – the body of Leopoldina de Bragança was buried in the Church of St. Augustine, in Coburg, Germany, country of origin of Louis Augustus.

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