Specialized Police Station investigates the case.  (Photo: Paulo Francis)
Specialized Police Station investigates the case. (Photo: Paulo Francis)

Police are investigating whether a five-year-old child was raped by his uncle this Wednesday (13), in Jardim Aeroporto, in Campo Grande. The girl was rescued with pain and injuries to her private parts, after spending the night at the suspect’s house. The girl told her mother that her uncle got naked and touched her.

According to the police report, the mother called the Military Police around 8 pm, after her daughter arrived home in tears, complaining of pain in her private parts.

The girl was taken to the Upa (Emergency Care Unit) in the Tiradentes neighborhood, where she underwent medical care and the injuries were found. However, the doctor explained to the police that it was not possible to pinpoint what caused the child’s injuries.

The mother then said that her daughter spent the night at her grandmother’s house, where her uncle also lives, in Jardim Aeroporto. Upon returning home, the child was very tearful and in pain. Concerned, the woman questioned, when her daughter reported that her uncle got naked in front of her and touched her private parts. However, the girl was unable to give more details about what happened.

The PM made inquiries, but did not locate the suspect. The father of the child victim of the abuse said that the suspect promised to appear at the police station, along with the lawyer. The case is investigated by Depca (Specialized Police for the Protection of Children and Adolescents).

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