Every day new technologies and Applications Created to simplify every aspect of our daily life, from the way we organize our day to the way we exercise and eat. Among these new advances there are also Applications designed to improve the quality of life of neurodivergent people, that is, individuals with conditions such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or who belong to the autism spectrum. Next, we will see some Applications whose objective is to assist these people to deal with situations related to their mental health.

Emergency Chat

This application has been created to facilitate communication in emergency situations such as when a person suffers an autistic crisis and their ability to speak is temporarily suspended. “Emergency Chat” allows you to pre-program an introductory text and thus the individual who suffers the episode can pass the phone on to another person who only has to read this message to understand what is happening. Then both can continue communicating through the app. This application is available for iOS or Android.


This application allows the user to track their mood, symptoms, sleep, energy levels, gratitude levels, as well as other variables. In addition, through Bearable each person can also fully customize which of their daily activities and factors of Health they can affect your mood or symptoms. This application is available for iOS or Android.

Emma Budget Planner

With this application, the user can take better control of their personal finances since it allows them to give a more detailed follow-up in addition to their expenses, invoices and subscriptions. The idea is that, by having a clearer idea of ​​where the money is being spent, the task of saving becomes easier. Emma Budget Planner also allows you to set a budget and keep track of paydays. This application is available for iOS or Android.

Tiny decision

It is an ideal app for people who find it difficult to make small decisions, since it turns them into fun and easy activities to do. The user just has to enter a question into the app, add / import options and spin the wheel to get a random answer. Of course, this app can be customized to incorporate decision templates, you can create custom decisions and select non-repetitive options. It is available for iOS or Android.


This app allows the user to create productive routines that help them promote good habits and also manage their time more effectively. Through Routinery you can program daily routines, check how they are progressing and help improve routine activities with feedback on each habit. Available for iOS or Android.

Molehill Mountain

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It was developed by Autistica and King’s College London with the aim of helping autistic people understand their anxiety and learn to handle it. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this app allows the individual to follow up on their concerns, gives them access to daily checks and shares tips and interactive activities, as well as other features. It is available for iOS or Android.

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