6 Series Spinoffs That Were Better Than Their Predecessors

There was even more vampire content in the 10’s with The Vampire Diaries. The focus is on a group of teenagers, most of whom are supernatural. From witches to werewolves to vampires, everything is there. Survival fantasy mixes with teen drama about first love, friendship and sex.

In the second season, the original vampires around Klaus, played by the excellent Joseph Morgan, appear for the first time and nothing was like it used to be. It quickly became clear that the overpowering vampires had to have their own series. Thanks to Julie Plec, who played a leading role in both fantasy series, the style of “TVD” is also recognizable in the spin-off, but can still set itself apart from it. Five words that sum up the offshoot: mature, intelligent, dark, gory, tragic.

That’s what it’s about: A power-hungry vampire family that has existed for a thousand years wants to regain control of the city they built and punish those who do not bend to their will… The success of “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” rests in no small part on the vampire/fantasy hype that was prevalent in the 10’s.

All five seasons of “The Originals” can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video and RTL+. Here’s the series!

All eight seasons of “The Vampire Diaries” are on Amazon Prime Video and RTL+. Here’s the series!

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