Larissa Valley.

Larissa Valley.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Several years ago, Larisa Dolina broke up with her third husband, Ilya Spitsyn. The divorce was hard for the artist, she was worried for a long time and did not dare to put an end to her 20-year marriage. For several years, Larisa Aleksandrovna has been living with her daughter Angelina Mionchinskaya and granddaughter Sasha. There are no men next to her, but fans have recently begun to notice how the 66-year-old singer has changed. There is a sparkle in her eyes again, she looks rejuvenated and happy. Fans suspect that it’s all about the new man: they say that the Valley has an affair. In the YouTube show “Tell Gordeeva”, the artist honestly answered questions about her personal life and marriage.

– Are you in love now? – Katerina Gordeeva, the host of the program, asked the Valley.

The singer did not deny and answered directly: “Yes.” And when asked if she was going to get married for the fourth time, she said: “No. Because I don’t want any more. ”

For the first time, the star put a stamp in the passport with jazz musician Anatoly Mionchinsky. Despite the birth of their daughter Lina, their marriage quickly fell apart. According to Dolina, she decided to divorce Mionchinsky because of alcoholism.

– Linochka was one and a half years old, probably. I grabbed her in an armful and went to Odessa to my mother. I could no longer live with my alcoholic husband. This daily unrestrained drunkenness, which brought me to the handle. I took Linochka to her grandmother, who immediately retired. My parents did not judge me, – said Dolina.

In the YouTube show “Tell Gordeeva”, the artist honestly answered questions about her personal life and marriage.

The second time Dolina married the bass player Viktor Mityazov, the third time, the bass player and subsequently her producer Ilya Spitsin. Larisa Alexandrovna admitted that all three of her spouses were from the world of show business, since it was more convenient for her.

– When a person is on your wavelength, he understands that you need your voice to always sound, so that you are in shape, – the performer explained.

Dolina did not deny that this is a somewhat consumerist attitude towards husbands, and recalled that they themselves made her an offer. But all three marriages broke up on her initiative.

Recall that the third husband of the star, Ilya Spitsyn, charmed the singer back in the late 90s. He got a job in her team as a musician. One evening, Ilya invited the tired Larissa to have a massage. After the session, Dolina realized that she had fallen in love. The artist was then married to guitarist Viktor Mityazov. The divorce was very difficult for both of them. For two decades of living together with the singer, Spitsyn turned from a guitarist into her concert director and producer. Rumors that their married life had come to an end first surfaced in 2018. They said that Spitsyn had betrayed the Valley. But she did not tolerate this and kicked out her husband.

After a divorce from her third spouse, the Valley lost a lot of weight and prettier. The singer admitted that she lost 21 kilograms on a special diet. Now she can afford any outfit – even the shortest and very tight ones. Dolina knows very well that many criticize her for this – they say, it is not appropriate to dress like that at her age. But she is not going to give up mini-skirts and neckline.

– Let them criticize. Do you understand what kind of thing? You can’t be loved by everyone and everyone said only good words. This does not happen: it is wrong. Therefore, I react absolutely normally to criticism addressed to me, – the singer said earlier.

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