75 kilos lost and Marianne James found

Very thin (very pregnant too), Miss Dominique appeared unrecognizable on your small screen. Back 15 years after Nouvelle Star, the singer moved audiences, viewers, and jurors on the set of La France a Un Incroyable Talent. Tears, Casting, Reality TV, Babies and Marriage … What Happens to Her?

The time for New star. Tele-hook finalist in 2006 against Christophe Willem, Miss Dominique signed a moving return to the stage of France has a Amazing talent this Wednesday, November 24. Very thin, but the belly rebounded by 8 months of pregnancy, the singer of 43 years could not hold back her tears when Marianne James, ex-juror of New star fifteen years ago and member of the jury of LFAUIT, recognized her with shining eyes. “It’s you?”, the diva immediately asked him, not without emotion …
It must be said that after so many years away from the spotlight, no one has forgotten the artist, disque d’or with A Beating Woman and Revelation of the year 2007 at the Victoires de la Musique, who sang for the investiture of Nicolas Sarkozy in April 2007 in Bercy. Interviewed by The Parisian, Miss Dominique admits that she has never watched the show until then. But these auditions are an opportunity for her to “reconnect with your audience “ and above all a nice way of saying “thank you“to her longtime friend sitting opposite …

Miss Dominique, darling favored by Marianne James?

Before launching in front of Eric Antoine, Hélène Ségara and Sugar Sammy, the judge warns her; “Tour diaphragm is very high because of your baby pushing up“. But Miss Dominique performs … Only downside: the four” yes “jurors, which denote with the more than mixed opinions of Internet users. “Calamitous”, “a massacre“,a horror“, “it was really bad, ‘she sang out of tune, “it stung the ears“, could we read in particular on Twitter. Would the beautiful reunion have influenced the votes?

Miss Dominique: her bad memories of Nouvelle Star

For Miss Dominique, it all starts with the casting of the New star in Rennes in 2006. “At the time, it was Michaël Youn, whom I met on the set of the movie Uncontrollable, who told me to register. I followed the castings, I no longer believed in it. And there I was taken“, she tells the Parisian. The young woman thunders the jury with a cover of I Have Nothing of Whitney Houston and eventually qualified for the bonuses. Very popular with viewers, it is internally that things get tough … The production remonstrates with him, does not accept his clothing choices or his musical proposals.
When I had to sing It’s Raining Men, they wanted me to read a text. Except that I didn’t feel it … At rehearsals, I was forbidden to put on a white dress, telling me that I looked like a whale. So I put on a tight white dress and during the live I improvised and shouted ‘Put your hands up‘”, continued Miss Dominique.

Miss Dominique at the New Star: “Go show you all “

Same story for the evening of the halffinal, where the candidate interprets Calling You from Jevetta Steele. During rehearsals, the tone rises … On takes the lead with the production who tells me it’s horrible. Just before going on stage, they warn me: ‘If you scream, you go out. ‘ And in the magneto, I discover that they went to look for a photo of my parents in my suitcase, without warning me. So I hate this song, I don’t understand the lyrics, I argue with the production, I’m on my nerves and I find out … After a while I say to myself ‘Go show you all’, and I scream!“, remembered the singer. If Miss Dominique does not win this edition, she wins a precious friendship, which she will maintain with Marianne James until 2011.

Miss Dominique: Kilos, Babies and Marriage

After his first visit to M6, Miss Dominique is a hit. But when his second album came out If I Weren’t Me in 2009, the phenomenon ran out of steam … She then began a real physical transformation, which caused her to lose almost fifty kilos in a year. Today the counter displays minus seventy-five, even if she had not planned to lose so many “, she who specifies not have “done surgery to Parisian. She still participates in the third season of Celebrity Farm in 2010, before slowly falling back into anonymity … Graduated in music from the University of Orsay and the Conservatory of Mantes-la-Jolie, the star becomes singing teacher between 2017 and 2018 to bilingual school in Berkeley, California.
Miss Dominique is also the mother of Jeffrey and a little girl named Judith, which she gave birth only three weeks ago. Now, the forty-something with a broad smile is preparing another event … which she wishes to share with the juror of France has an unbelievable talent: Marianne, you are like a big sister to me. I’m getting married next summer and I would love you to be there“.

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