8 years after his death, 8 famous phrases to remember Ricardo Fort

Here are 8 phrases (and in the middle some definitions) emblematic that Ricky Fort left in his passage through the media.

“Mom, you cut all the looz!”

Perhaps Ricardo’s most memorable phrase was said to his mother, Marta Fort, after the power went out. The complete sentence: “Mom, get your hand out of there damn it. You just cut the electricity, you can get electrified, crazy. You cut all the looz”

“I don’t drive the rating, I drive a Rolls Royce”

This phrase was said in “Showmatch”. Before the gaze of Marcelo Tinelli, Ricardo in “president mode” speaks from a lectern and seeks to make it clear that from his “humble place” he has no interference in what happened with the rating and his presence in the program.



Its place in the world also became one of its most used hoses. If it is not understood, we are talking about Miami.

“The Fort train passes only once in its life”

Again in “Showmatch” Ricardo Fort was a jury, Virginia Gallardo his ex-girlfriend was a participant, and Tinelli mediating, the sentence starts by saying: “This train does not stop, this train continues …” and concludes with “You get on and have a great time … “

“I never wanted to be a media, yes an artist”

In an interview he gave to Clarin.com he left that title, in the same interview he assured: “This country does not forgive those of us who are successful.”

“The best president in our history”

This is how Ricardo Fort spoke of former president Carlos Menem after an interview he conducted in 2010, he also added: “” It was a spectacular meeting. For me, it was an honor to have shared time with Menem, it also reminds me a lot of my Dad. “The latter a bit strange if we take into account that in several interviews Fort said he did not have the best memories of his father.

“I’m avoidant”

It was the year 2010 and Fort defined himself as a Peronist and in an interview in “Duro de Domar” he delved into this. “For me Perón was a very intelligent guy, my father admired him a lot” (Don Carlos Fort present again). In addition, in said interview, he dedicated a few words to Cristina Kirchner, “to keep doing what he’s been doing.”

“Enough guys!”

Another short and simple phrase that became Fort’s trademark, its exact origin is hard to find, but it’s here to stay.

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