Andressa Urach posed with her husband Thiago Lopes - Bruno Dias/Instagram @andressaurachoficial - Bruno Dias/Instagram @anddressaurachoficial

Andressa Urach and Thiago Lopes are separating after nine months of marriage. Like the end, the relationship began quickly: the period of courtship and engagement before marriage lasted only a month.

The union was marked by controversies and even unusual situations, such as the deputy Miss Butt taking a bottle in the lap of the now ex.

Remember how the marriage of Urach and Thiago Lopes was:

honeymoon rehearsal

In addition to the usual wedding album, the two performed a rehearsal during their honeymoon with champagne and a photo in the bathtub.

Andressa Urach posed with her husband Thiago Lopes

Image: Bruno Dias/Instagram @anddressaurachoficial

Botox together

Returning to her vanity after her break with the Universal Church, Urach took her husband to get Botox along with her. “Couple who do Botox together stay together,” said the former model at the time.

She even responded to a follower who asked if Thiago didn’t mind the aesthetic intervention. “No friend, he takes me, picks me up and I still use it and I already do a Botox for him, to make it even more beautiful for me”, replied the former participant of “A Fazenda 6”.

Feeding bottle

Sharing an unusual moment, Thiago published a photo in which Urach appeared taking a bottle in his lap. “Putting my sweetie to sleep,” wrote the bailiff.

In an interview, she explained that the act was not a fetish but a habit. “For me, it’s something common. I like this habit of being breastfed, since I was little I’ve always liked it. When my husband posted it, we didn’t know it would have such repercussions,” she said.

A week later, the two showed again that the model was taking a bottle in her husband’s lap.


A few months after the wedding, Urach drew attention with controversial phrases. The former model said that her husband was “her owner” and even sent a message “to the feminists”:

The woman has no authority over her own body, but the husband does. Feminists, respect my decision. said Andressa Urach

She even reaffirmed her position as a “submissive woman” and said she was happy that way.

“I don’t need him, but I chose to be his. With great pleasure and fear I submit to his authority. And yes, the last word is his, for he is not just any man, but a man who fears God and does me no harm, and yes well every day. I love being taken care of by him. I have never been loved and taken care of as he takes care of me and my son,” she declared.

Andressa Urach and Thiago Lopes - Play / Instagram - Play / Instagram

Andressa Urach and Thiago Lopes

Image: Playback / Instagram

Paste with the name

The model drew attention during the presentation of “Miss Butt 2021” by wearing a large necklace with Thiago’s name on it.

On Instagram, he approved the look: “Paste it with the name of its owner. I like it that way”.

Andressa Urach presenting "Miss Bumbum" - Playback/YouTube - Playback/YouTube

Andressa Urach introducing “Miss Butt”

Image: Playback/YouTube


The couple had plans to get pregnant since their honeymoon. In January, Urach even showed a negative pregnancy test.

Thiago Lopes posed with the pregnancy test to announce that he would be a father - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Thiago Lopes posed with the pregnancy test to announce that he would be a father

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Thiago announced the pregnancy last month, against the woman’s wishes, who wanted to wait three months to tell the news.

“I said to wait a bit because announcing a pregnancy is a tradition to wait for the three months of pregnancy and then he said: ‘I can’t tell you on the first Father’s Day of my life that I’m a father’ (laughs). Me too. I’m very excited, but Thiago is overjoyed,” said the former model in an interview with the newspaper “O Dia”.

Upon discovering that the baby would be a boy, another controversy: the bailiff said that the son would wear “boy blue” and had the post removed by Instagram.

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