95. Oscars: From Wolfgang Puck “everyone gets an Oscar”

celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is dining for the 29th time after the Oscar Gala for the prominent guests – again this time he has for the big one appetite prepared. “We each have 600 portions of fish and chips and filet Wellington, tortellini, gourmet pizzas with salmon, 1,200 chicken pot pies,” the Carinthian enumerates at breakneck speed. The latter, a chicken ragout in batter refined with truffles, is an absolute hit, he reveals about the preferences of the stars.

“Most of them didn’t eat anything all day, and not even the day before, so that they could fit into their clothes,” said the Hollywood Austrian with a wink to the dpa. A few days before the Oscar gala, Puck and a huge team of cooks and helpers are whirling through the makeshift kitchen, right next to the Dolby Ballroom, where the traditional gourmet feast for 1,500 guests takes place after the show at the Governors Ball.

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