9z failed against the historic Team Liquid

The Argentine team 9z Team could not overcome this Thursday the first round of playoffs of the Blast Premiere Fall Showdown 2021 when falling defeated before Team Liquid, the historic American organization and multi-champion of electronic sports (esports)

The series, which began at 1:30 p.m., was scheduled best of three games as traditionally happens in the editions of the international competition with the video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive takes place in Serbia.

On the first map Nuke -a Counter Strike classic-, the 9z quintet was widely surpassed by the Brazilian Fallen, the Canadian NAF and the Americans Elija, Stewie and Grim. Team Liquid was relentless in each crossing against the Argentines Rox and Try, the Uruguayans Dgt and Max and the Brazilian Bit to leave the result in a resounding 16-3.

Rafael “Zakk” Fernández, coach of 9z, in one of the moments of the series against Team Liquid.

For the second hell map -a small village with many hiding places- 9z showed his best side, punishing the US team with a 3-1 run from the start. Brazilian Fallen was the featured player and one of those responsible for Team Liquid turning the series around by winning 8 rounds in a row and leaving the score at 11-4.

After two good rounds from the Argentines, Fallen again gave his face to cut any type of comeback to ensure the score at 16-5 and, also, the qualification to the semifinals.

Team Liquid in action during the Inferno map.

Team Liquid in action during the Inferno map.

For its part, Santino “Try” Rigal He once again demonstrated with his aim that he is capable of competing in the first international level of CS: GO, after his performance against Vitality in the 2020 edition of the tournament. Another who had a good series was Martin “rox” Molina, who in the previous dreamed of facing his idol Stewie.

“Now we are all sad. We knew that before we played we had no obligation to win, they had the pressure. We just try to go out and have fun, “analyzed 9z coach Rafael” Zakk “Fernández.

Stewie, the emblematic player of Team Liquid, said about the victory against 9z: “We didn’t know what we were going to face. Yes we should beat them, but there can always be surprises. ”

9z Team's Rox was disheartened after the loss to Team Liquid.

9z Team’s Rox was disheartened after the loss to Team Liquid.

Now, the Americans will have to meet in the semifinals of the Blast Premiere Fall Showdown 2021 against a weight rival on the scene, Virtue Pro of Rusia.

How to play a CS: GO game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the first-person shooter games that animate the world esports scene. The action takes place in rounds of a specific duration, which is configured before starting the game, in which a team of terrorists (T) faces a team of counterterrorists (CT).

Whoever accomplishes all their victory objectives, planting or defusing the bomb or eliminating all the other team’s players, will be victorious. If at the end of the round there is no direct victory for one of the two teams, the team that did not achieve its objectives loses by elimination.

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