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A 5-year-old boy from Misiones found one 1 peso coin with an error spelling and the will raffle to buy pass nebulizers which will be used for soup kitchens. The solidarity raffle takes place in the midst of the furor of the last month for the coin with the inscription “provingias “ instead of provinces.

The initiative of the family of little Salvador occurred this week after he found in his piggy bank one of the coveted one-peso coins with the spelling error, for which up to 15 thousand pesos was requested in online shopping sites.

“I asked Salva what he wanted to do with the coin and he replied ‘we are going to help some baby'” Javier Montenegro, Salvador’s father and promoter of the solidarity initiative that includes a raffle of the unusual coin, told local media. a drawing of the boy.

In addition, the man said that people were collaborating by sending money through the application MarketPaid. “We always help and (Salvador) is used to the family being like that,” he said.

Salvador and his family organized the solidarity draw for the coin to be held on Mother’s Day.
Photo: Courtesy “First Edition” of Misiones

Meanwhile, the original idea was to buy nine nebulizers for hospitals in Posadas, the provincial capital, but the story went viral in such a way that the family received more money than expected, which will allow them to buy four extra devices that will be distributed in another three cities of Misiones.

“The repercussions were extremely good, the networks exploded. The people are very supportive, every day the missionary surprises me more. They called me from all over the province and I am excited to have my family supporting this initiative,” Salvador’s father said about the initiative that will bring the 13 foggers to low-income areas.

“Provingias”: specialists warn that the $ 1 coins with error have little value because “there are 56 million”

In addition, he said that the manufacturer “found out about the solidarity move” and offered them a discount on the purchase, so they could even buy more machines.

In this way, the family pointed out that the raffle will be held after the Mother’s Day and they will make the purchase invoices public to demonstrate the transparency of the process. In case of having a remaining balance, it will be donated to a foundation, as anticipated.

“This gives us more strength to continue in a new project, in something bigger. We have to move forward, dreams can be fulfilled,” concluded Montenegro.

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