A 77-year-old woman beheaded at her home in Agde

A 77-year-old woman was beheaded at her home in Agde, Hérault. Is this a terrorist act?

Horror scene in the Hérault. In Agde, a man was worried about not hearing from his 77 year old mother, which he had every night on the phone, indicates Free noon. He then contacted the police on the evening of October 13 and was able to find out, thanks to the surveillance camera installed in the apartment of the septuagenarian, a disorder in the main room of the house and above all … a shape that looked like a body on the ground. Upon entering the pensioner’s home, the police realized that the door was open. It was there that they discovered a terrible crime scene: the victim had been beheaded, to head resting on a table and his body lying on the ground.

A decapitated septuagenarian: a terrorist act?

The victim was a former teacher, but who had never worked in the Hérault. This element and the modus operandi may be reminiscent of the murder of Samuel Paty, professor who had been beheaded on October 16, 2020 in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, in the Val d’Oise. But the police are dismissing the terrorist trail for the moment. “There is no evidence that this is a terrorist act. No claim, no registration on site. For now, we are on a common law investigation “, we told Free noon.
In addition, no trace of the break-in was noted by investigators, indicating that the victim probably knew her killer. In the retiree’s garden, bloodstained latex gloves were found, near a roll of duct tape. A autopsy must be carried out to learn more about the circumstances of the murder.

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