A baby box distributed to young parents from 2022

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health has announced that “baby boxes” will be offered at birth in maternity hospitals, for young parents in priority areas, from February 2022. What will they contain?

From February 2022, nearly 180,000 “baby boxes” will be distributed in maternity hospitals in municipalities with priority neighborhoods or those for rural revitalization, said the Secretary of State for Children on October 12. The opportunity to send prevention messages to young parents at the birth of their newborn. Each object conveys and symbolizes a message intended to help parents. It will serve as a support for dialogue with families at the maternity ward.“specified the cabinet of Secretary of State Adrien Taquet on France Info. Inspired by Finland, this French version baby box will contain different objects: each one will symbolize a message intended to help parents, as well on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, allergies, or even dietary diversification and a small booklet will be slipped into it. inside.

What will the baby box contain?

  • A sleeping bag: to explain how to put a baby to bed to avoid the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. This sleeping bag “will be accompanied by a public health message: it is less risk for the baby to sleep in a sleeping bag than with something that could cover his face. And he must be placed on his back.“, explains the ministry to HuffPost.
  • A children’s book: to encourage parents to sensitize their baby to artistic and cultural awakening, to interact with him and to read him stories.
  • A bib and a neutral soap: to highlight the ranges of natural products and educate parents about endocrine disruptors or other chemicals
  • A moisturizer for mom: to encourage her to take care of herself after the baby is born and to take time for her.

The government has also opted for a shoulder bag rather than a boxed package. It is thus an “invitation to go out, (…) to go to play sports or activities outside, and not to be forgotten as a parent”. Finally, the items in the baby box will be mixed, Adrien Taquet having committed to the non-gendered toys charter.

Will the baby boxes soon be distributed to all parents?

The first 6 months, until August inclusive, three-quarters of French maternity hospitals will be concerned, which represents approximately 180,000 boxes distributed. the ministry said. If they initially concern maternity hospitals in priority areas, this system could then be extended to the whole of the territory, after an assessment that will take place next summer. By the end of 2022, 250,000 baby boxes should be distributed to young parents and all maternity hospitals in France could be affected by 2023.

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