A barrabrava from Boca brutally beat Rafael Di Zeo's ex-sister-in-law on the steps of La Bombonera

An aberrant beating he suffered Martha Elizabeth Dad, ex-partner of Fernando Di Zeo and Rafael’s sister-in-law, one of the leaders of La Doce, on the steps of the Bombonera by a xeneize barrabrava.

The attack occurred on Saturday, before the clash between Boca and Sarmiento, and the victim reported with name and surname all those who participated in the beating.

“I hope Boca does something with the bars that respond to Di Zeo and ambush women,” wrote Tato on his Twitter account.

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No one intervenes to stop the blows against Tato, who wrote: “When the others beat me, (Javier) Gángora, Demian (Giglio Palugyay) and Hugo Gutiérrez also entered fingerprints, all Di Zeo soldiers.”

“They ambushed me on a staircase when I was going up in the company of my oldest daughter, my wife, her 13 and 7 year old children and a friend. So, cowardly, 6 guys, in full view ”.

Marta Tato’s tweet

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