A Bayern Munich footballer will not be able to play due to a heart problem after suffering from coronavirus

young canadian soccer player Alphonso Davies, of Bayern Munich from Germany, suffers from a myocarditis, possibly caused by the coronavirus, announced this Friday the coach of the team, Julian Nagelsmann. It will be low for several weeks.

Although the doctors who are treating him do not have scientific certainties about the origin of the pathology, the DT acknowledged that “the probability that it comes from his Covid-19 is great,” an agency cable recorded. AFP.

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On the recovery of the 21-year-old player, the German coach admitted: “He will be absent for an undetermined time. It’s not that dramatic, but it needs to heal, and that will take a while. “

“We have found slight signs of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle,” said coach Julian Nagelsmann at Friday’s pre-Cologne-Bayern press conference.

Six other players who have overcome Covid-19 will return to the group, but according to Nagelsmann, for the match against Cologne only captain Manuel Neuer and Corentin Tolisso are fit to play.

The others, Leroy Sané, Dayot Upamecano, Omar Richards and Tanguy Nianzou “continue to recover,” according to the coach.

Of the nine players positive for coronavirus last week, only Lucas Hernández still hasn’t recovered. Kingsley Coman has put the illness behind him, but will also be out with the aftermath of a muscle injury.

Bayern Munich, leader of the Bundesliga, will visit Cologne this Saturday in a match for the 19th. date.

What is myocarditis about?

With Wellbeing spoke with cardiologist Hernán Provera (MN 112.732), who explained that, in some cases, Covid-19 can cause myocarditis, that is, an inflammation of the heart muscle (the myocardium).

“It can be produced by the direct effect of the virus on the heart or secondary to the inflammatory response generated by SARS-CoV-2 in the body. Myocarditis itself can lead to symptoms of heart failure. Because the heart is unable to pump enough blood that the body needs, the patient may experience dyspnea, which is the feeling of shortness of breath. In addition, it can generate arrhythmias and some of them can cause sudden death. Everything is under study because covid is a new disease. It is known that the more serious the virus condition, the the more likely the person is to develop serious complications or sequelae of myocarditis”, He specified.

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