A Belgian intercepted in an electric scooter on a French motorway: "An imprudence which could have been dramatic"

On January 6, the gendarmerie of Jura, in France, was arrested for a rather unusual story: a Belgian was traveling on a highway … on an electric scooter.

The pilot entered the A39 from the Dole-Choisey toll: “Traveling in France for the first time, he wanted to go to Foucherans, a few kilometers away, using his machine, but failed to select the ‘no motorway / toll’ mode on his GPS “, explains the gendarmerie in a Facebook post.

Fortunately for him and for the other motorists, our compatriot was quickly intercepted by the patroller of the motorway company and checked by the gendarmes, specifies the police.

“An omission and an imprudence which could have been dramatic …”, is still indignant the gendarmerie, which moreover took advantage of this incident to remind some road safety rules to its users. “The circulation of electric scooters is strictly prohibited on the traffic lanes of motorways and expressways including on the emergency lane”, reminds the police.

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