Producer Ezequiel Lenardón and screenwriter Rosario Perazolo Masjoan.

A Cordoba woman in a wheelchair denounced the aviation company Flybondi for a situation of discrimination. Is about Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, a young woman who wanted to move this past Sunday from Buenos Aires to Córdoba and as she expressed, they did not let her travel through the batteries from your chair.

“The Flybondi airline did not let me get on the plane because I was in a wheelchair”, Rosario assured, and explained that they did not let her get on the aircraft despite the fact that she had a battery authorized to fly: “The batteries were suitable. They are not spillable and they are sealed lead, prepared to travel, ”he said on El Doce TV.

He added that he has already traveled on other occasions by plane with that battery by plane. They told me that if I wanted to travel, get me another chair wheels and come back another day. That she wasn’t going to lose her job for letting me go up ”, he related helplessly.

Rosario Perazolo Masjoan denounced discrimination and “lack of empathy” from Flybondy (La Voz).

He had to go to the credit card of a relative to get a ticket with another company. Finally, was able to travel on Aerolineas Argentinas after they verified that the battery of his chair was suitable to get on the ship. “The Flybondi company does not train its employees, does not comply with the protocols and due to lack of information and empathy, it violates people with disabilities ”, wrote on his account on Instagram.


“Due to the dangerous goods policy, the material of Rosario’s wheelchair is considered corrosive,” the company explained to The Twelve TV.

“At Flybondi it is not authorized, so she was not allowed to board with her wheelchair. We always have people who travel in wheelchairs, but this was due to a matter of material ”, they added. And they assured that they will make contact with the woman.

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