The pair prepare to compete in an international tournament.

Ivana Velazquez Araya and Franco Peluso They are a couple of bodybuilders from the department of Guaymallén who are preparing for an international tournament of the discipline. They both train hard and eat a rigid diet.

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The pair train to win the Mercosur Cup 2022. It is an international cup and its objective is win the pro card so that discipline becomes a profession.

Ivana Desirée started training ago five years and his preparation to compete has been three. The debut of the young woman will be in December. For his part, his partner began nine years ago and the preparation to compete in this discipline started two months ago.

“When you practice this sport it is important to partner with a person who dedicates himself to the same thing as you because preparation is difficult. It is a selfish sport and pre-competition you have to think only of yourself “, Franco commented to Via Mendoza.

“It’s good that we both do the same because when he and I compete we live for him. And when it’s my turn he and I will live for me. Also, the bad mood that you get from being hungry and the weeks of the definition stage It is difficult for someone who never went through that to bank it”, Indicated Ivana.

The pair prepare to compete in an international tournament.

The daily life of a bodybuilder

The amateurs in the discipline have a fight financially and mentally constant. The young woman has three jobs and is also a university student. For his part, Franco also works and trains daily.

“The routine requires a lot of effort and a lot of discipline with meals especially that must be on time. Also, we need to rest more than the recommended eight hours, “said the couple.

Each one has its specific and recommended menu according to your body. They work to take food at their proper times while they are doing their other activities or working to be able to pay for gym and food.

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A story of overcoming

Ivana decided to start training after leaving a relationship in which she suffered gender-based violence. “I managed to survive from that relationship and I needed to feel strong. I wanted to feel like I was in control of something, “he said.

“What motivated me to compete was to meet my coach and tell me that my body was perfect for the category bikini fitness that he had genetics. Feeling like I was a perfect fit for something when I felt that I was not good at anything, it motivated me. I know that if I work hard I will be able to achieve great things, in addition to the satisfaction that comes from setting difficult goals and achieving them ”, he concluded.

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