A decisive election year for the future of democracy in the Philippines

In an analysis published by Nikkei Asia, a journalist specializing in the Philippines wonders about the nostalgia of the Filipinos for the period of the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship. His son is in a good position to win the presidential election next May.

The presidential election next May will be a turning point for an exhausted Filipino population, at the end of six years of the mandate of President Rodrigo Duterte marked by a “carnival of confusion and intrigue”, underlines an analysis of the journalist Criselda Yabes in Nikkei Asia.

A statement reinforced by the decision, this year, of Sara Duterte, daughter of the outgoing president and who had succeeded her father at the head of the city of Davao, not to respect the paternal plan. Rather than run for the presidential term, she decided to run for vice president by teaming up with Ferdinand Marcos Junior, son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country between 1965 and 1986. The polls for these positions are separate.

Better known as “Bongbong”, Ferdinand Marcos Junior, in case of victory, “will undoubtedly bring the past up to date in a campaign where social networks and their lies will make it possible to rewrite history for a generation that does not know it”, continues Criselda Yabes, journalist specializing in the Philippines. “Son Marcos will no doubt be able to deceive people into believing that his father’s time represents a golden age.”




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