"A deficit of 20 billion while there is an economic recovery"

Representatives of the N-VA left the Chamber on Tuesday even before the Prime Minister presented his government statement. Alexander De Croo denounced this “flight, the worst thing in a democracy”. Asked about La Première, the N-VA deputy Theo Francken denies fleeing the debate, on the contrary, he says that he has “the feeling that we are using corona measurements in order not to have a correct debate”. He denounces the fact “that only eleven parliamentarians from his group can attend the crucial debate for democracy. The Brussels police regulations do not apply to the Chamber; we could have a debate for everyone, we have the largest group in Belgium “.

In 2020, Theo Francken associated the Vivaldi coalition with the end of Belgium. “When we make a minority government in Flanders and the two biggest parties in Belgium (N-VA and Vlaams Belang) are in opposition, the danger is that the Flemings will not accept it and I think there is will have a new yellow-black electoral result. I did not say that Belgium was going to disappear after twenty days of Vivaldi “. He criticizes the fact that the Prime Minister gave “the scoop” the content of his statement at a press conference at 16, rue de la Loi before presenting it to the deputies.


Federal budget “is not going towards a return to equilibrium: we are talking about a budget deficit of 20 billion euros while there is an economic recovery. There is a record number of vacant jobs in Belgium for the The IMF said that in 2024 Belgium will have the biggest deficit in all of Europe, we will be like Greece in 2010. In budgetary matters, the priority should be to hire more people to work but I do not see no elements to activate unemployed “.

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The Prime Minister announced a plan which concerns long-term patients. “It’s a very sensitive debate” Selon Theo Francken, “because there are patients who are really sick. For those, it is necessary to have solidarity in society. But I cannot believe that there are half a million sick people from long term in Belgium. If we think that the patient is not really sick and that he can work, the penalty must be more than 2.5% of the allowance. Are we kidding, or what? “

Twenty years after the creation of the N-VA, the objective is still the independence of Flanders. For Theo Francken, “In 2024 we must have a major institutional agreement. Having independence is a step by step process and the next step is a confederalist model as in Switzerland, and I hope that we will have it in 2024. 20 years ago I was very young and very naive and when I look at the course since then it is the fastest I have ever dreamed of ”.

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