A dog maimed by a cartel could become America’s favorite pet | Mexico

Running with new prosthetic paws, a dog from Mexico, once tortured by criminal gangs, is living the dream: in addition to being adored by the handlers who adopted him, he is a finalist for the title of America’s favorite pet.

Rescued when he was one year old and with injured front limbs, pay de lemon (“lemon pie” in Portuguese) found the love she needed at the sanctuary of Milagros Caninos, a shelter south of Mexico City, which claims the animal is flourishing 12 years later [de ter chegado].

“He is a survivor of human cruelty and organized crime groups,” said shelter founder Patricia Ruiz. “He doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone. Humans do, but dogs don’t,” she added.

The dog was found abandoned in a dumpster in the Mexican city of Zacatecas, a hotbed for cartels and organized crime. He was later taken to the shelter in the nation’s capital.

Right now, pay de lemon is ready to risk and participate in the American contest online of more elegant dog, despite not being a native competitor. O America’s Favorite Pet it is open to companion animals from the American continent and takes place as part of a fundraising campaign for charity.

The winner, who will be announced in March, will receive a cash prize of five thousand dollars (4.7 thousand euros) and will have the opportunity to model in a two-page issue of the magazine dogster.

For Patricia, this dog’s life path teaches us to believe that we can do it and to say “yes to life” in spite of everything. “It doesn’t matter what happens to us”, adds the founder of the shelter.

This is not the only case of animals mistreated by Mexican cartels. Last week, the country’s police found a tattooed cat in a prison. The feline, which has no name, was mistreated by a gang and is up for adoption.

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