These are the living conditions that the dog has, in addition to abuse and lack of food.

A doggy you are looking for a loving family to be part of your home. It is about Ojitos, she was discovered abandoned and needs a person to take her in to give her the life she deserves.

She is super loving and playful. He is two years old and in perfect health, although since she was born she has not been cared for. They desperately look for a home for her, since in the dog’s very eyes you can feel the sadness that she has had to live in her short life.

The history of Ojitos

A young woman from Mendoza moved house and found that her neighbors had Ojitos, totally neglected. The first time she met the bitch she saw that she was skinny, even his ribs showed.

He quickly realized that the dog did not receive a good treatment, it was evident that they did not feed her. In addition, the dog has some signs of abuse. Although Ojitos had a house, it was not his home.

This young woman could not take Ojitos home, due to work and space reasons, so began to feed him clandestinely. She also gave him a blanket, because he had no bed, he slept on the floor. He formed a special bond with the dog.

These are the living conditions that the dog has, in addition to abuse and lack of food. (Gentleness/)

In those moments the young woman discovered that the dog is extremely loving and only wants to find someone to play with. “You can see the sadness in his eyes, his little face breaks my heart“Said the young woman to Via Mendoza.

The young woman got tired of the bad situation that Ojitos lives so She requested that her owners agree to give her up for adoption. She succeeded but now she needs to find the right people so that Ojitos can be part of her home and receive the love she is lacking.

For more information about Ojitos and to specify its adoption responsibly, They can be contacted at 2615713219.

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