A fire destroyed Mambrú, a traditional hamburger restaurant in Mar del Plata

A fire destroyed on Friday night the well-known Mambru Burger, in Mar del Plata. The fire broke out at 22:40 and firefighters took half an hour to control it.

It caused the most severe damage to the roof of the premises located in Liberty Avenue and Salta.

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Flames ripped through the ceiling, quickly taking it over. It then spread, to a lesser extent, to other sectors. Shortly after, a crew from the central fire station arrived in the area while dozens of tourists gathered to see how the fire progressed.

According to what was reported by The capital, the troops worked for more than half an hour until they managed to control the fire, which caused the most severe damage to the roof.

“Apparently leaves were gathered near the fireplace and between the heat and the wind they caught fire”, said one of the witnesses who were at the scene. According to reports, the fire started in the restaurant kitchen.

At the time of the incident, the restaurant was open, so there were several customers in the premises who, seeing the first flames, left the place and went out into the street.

(Video: Twitter – @NYP999).

Meanwhile, the two neighboring buildings were also evacuees as a precaution and there were moments of desperation among the neighbors.

In total, three fire crews worked and due to the extensive deployment of the emergency operation, all types of traffic on Libertad Avenue were interrupted.

The specialists stayed until dawn doing a “cooling” of the remains left by the flames and then start the skills that will determine the causes that caused the fire. According to what was reported by the authorities, there were no injuries.

The temperature reached its historical maximum in Mar del Plata

At night temperatures were still recorded over 30 degrees, Mambrú was one of the many gastronomic establishments in the city with a high demand both for consumption in its premises or sidewalk and for take away. During the day, the temperature reached its historical maximum in the city, with 42.6 degrees.

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In addition, according to local media, between Thursday and Friday, firefighters along with Civil Defense and other areas worked on 60 fires that were declared in urban and forest areas. “We need the accompaniment of tourists and neighbors. You have to take care of the care with these high temperatures ”, reiterated, in their request, the municipal authorities.

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