A huge flop from Marvel that's a lot better than its reputation

Of a few recent blockbusters (besides Justice League and Suicide Squad) one is similar chaotic production history as well known as Fantastic 4. The comic book adaptation by Josh Trank, who was heavily criticized for his allegedly hostile behavior on the set, had little in common with the director’s original vision. With a budget of $120 million, Fantastic 4 played worldwide only over 160 million dollars again and became a flop.

You can watch Fantastic 4 on TV today at 10:55 p.m. on Sat. 1 look. Even if the film’s turbulent production and, above all, the reshoots can be seen, the Marvel blockbuster is worthwhile, among other things, for the depiction of the horror of superpowers.

Hated Marvel flop Fantastic 4 scores with fascinating scenes and ideas

Yes, especially after the first hour, Fantastic 4 seems as if at least two different films are running in front of you at the same time. The reshoots clearly show Kate Mara’s changing hairstyles, for example. the extremely bumpy narrative flow with frequent jumps in time does not destroy the always fascinating character of this Fantastic Four film adaptation.

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Kate Mara – Interview Fantastic Four Reboot (English) HD


Especially at the beginning, the film scores with interesting characters and stars who harmonize well in front of the camera, such as Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan or the already mentioned Kate Mara. In contrast to the well-known superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fantastic Four is still drawing here real human figures, which do not have to be used for constant gags.

On the contrary, in his Marvel vision, Josh Trank sees superpowers as a painful burden that some haunting scenes leads. When limbs deform and lengthen with cries of pain like Teller’s Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, Trank’s David Cronenberg body horror inspiration is unmistakable.

even dr Doom, which is practically a late introduction as a villain, works despite the ridiculously short screentime uncontrolled rampant threat, which makes heads burst bloody. Again and again it is such striking moments that raise Fantastic Four above the MCU mush despite the shattered narrative tone. As an artistic vision, Josh Trank’s Marvel film clearly failed, but even the fragments of this shattered blockbuster still shine.

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