a hunter kills a bear who had just bitten him

A hunter who was tracking wild boar in the French commune of Seix in the Pyrenees mountains (southwest), was seriously injured on Saturday by a bear who bit him in the leg and which he then killed, has t – we learned from corroborating sources.

According to the prefecture of the department of Ariège, the injured hunter was evacuated to the hospital in Foix, then transferred to the university hospital (CHU) in Toulouse and a judicial investigation was opened into the circumstances of the accident.

The high-mountain gendarmerie platoon intervened to rescue this 70-year-old hunter, seriously injured in the femoral artery around 3:30 p.m., said a source familiar with the matter.

According to the hunter’s words, he was participating in a boar hunt with a group when he was attacked by a bear accompanied by her cubs.

This female bit him on the leg, he said, and then he shot the animal twice.

The bear was found dead a few meters from where the hunter was rescued.

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This is really what we feared. Today, we can see that living together is complicatedChristine Tequi, president of the Ariège departmental council and Socialist candidate, told AFP.

A danger, according to her, aggravated by “increased presence of breeding bears“in the sector of the Couserans massif, where there are currently around forty plantigrades,” she said.

As the brown bear is threatened with extinction on its territory, France started a program in the 1990s to reintroduce bears from Slovenia. Most live in the central part of the massif, especially in Ariège.

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