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Since the beginning of the week we have been pondering how we got back into it. It helps to look outside, where there has been no lockdown for a long time: in Spain every Spaniard was sent a vaccination appointment; in Portugal the streets were empty in strict lockdown; in Belgium there is still an obligation to work from home four days a week; … … …
With us there is a little bit of a lockdown or a little bit of compliance; Keeping a little distance in the supermarket, but not too much; a bit of a home office, how convenient; a little no big friends or family get-togethers, but in the pre-advent, hello ?; Hopefully a little skiing and hut fun, thanks to the funny chairman of the cable car; vaccinate a little more too. And how about a little more mindfulness and personal responsibility – ah go, that’s a little asking!
Thanks to this little mess we will still have to deal with the stupid virus. Not just a little.

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