Police officers guard the site of the attack in southeast Norway (Photo: VG)

A man armed with a bow and arrows killed and wounded several people on Wednesday in the town of Kongsberg, in southeastern Norway, before being arrested, announced the police cited by the AFP.

”Unfortunately, we can confirm that there are several injured and also, unfortunately, several dead”Øyvind Aas, a local police official, told a news conference.

“The man who committed this act was detained by the police and, as far as we know, there is only one person involved”He added.

The Mayor of Kongsberg, Kari Anne Sand, was very affected. “It’s a tragedy. I have no words, ”Sand told the site. VG.

Police officers guard the site of the attack in southeast Norway (Photo: VG)

The motive for the attack, which occurred at various locations in the Kongsberg city center, remains unknown.

The police did not give details about the suspect, except that he is a man and that he was taken to the police station in the neighboring city of Drammen. “We are not looking for other peopleØyvind Aas said. The wounded were taken to hospitals. At the moment neither his number nor his status is known.

According to the channel TV2, the man also had a knife and other weapons.

The incident took place in the center of Kongsberg. On Twitter, local police said witnesses saw a man, armed with a bow and arrows, and that he used them against people. The authorities urged the population to stay in their homes.

There are several victims according to the police
There are several victims according to the police

Meanwhile, several neighborhoods were cordoned off and television images showed a large deployment of heavily armed police and ambulances. A helicopter and a demining team were also dispatched to the scene. And the National Intelligence Service (DIS) was alerted.

Kongsberg is a locality located in the county of Buskerud, in the extreme south of the district of Numedal. A little more than 26,700 people live there. The municipality is known as a silver producing area and for being home to the largest Norwegian arms and technology contractor, the Konsberg Gruppen.

10 years after the Utoya massacre

The attack occurred 10 years after the Utoya massacre, on Lake Tyriforden, a few kilometers from Oslo, in an event that shocked Norwegian society at the time.

The massacre was perpetrated on July 22, 2011 by Anders Behring Breivk, a far-right terrorist who killed 77 people and injured a hundred. In 2012 he was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the death of eight people setting off a car bomb near the government headquarters in Oslo already other 69 shooting them for over an hour at a Labor youth summer camp on the island of Utoya.

Your grief is liable to be prolonged if it is still considered dangerous. In 2016, the Norwegian courts agreed with a lawsuit brought before the national courts and condemned the Norwegian State for give him “inhumane treatment” in prison by keeping him in isolation for five years.

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