A motorist died after colliding with a bus in Maipú and being trapped in the car.

A young motorist 27 years died on the spot after starring in a violent car accident next to a collective this Saturday morning in Maipu.

The fatal crash took place on the corner of Tropero Sosa and Urquiza, when the driver of a Fiat Uno (identified as Lucca Báez) struck from front with the group. The violence of the impact was such that the driver was trapped between the irons of the vehicle and his body had to be rescued by personnel from firefighters.

violent frontal collision

According to police sources, around 6 this Saturday, the collective of the group 800 guided by E.S. (31) I was driving down the street Tropero Sosa to the east, towards Urquiza. The vehicle and the driver were Out of service.

The corner of Tropero Sosa and Urquiza, where a 27-year-old motorist died after crashing into a bus in Maipú and getting trapped in the car. (Web/)

It was at that moment when the One who was traveling down the same street, in the opposite direction, suddenly crossed the lane until you are facing the microphone. With no time to react, the bus and the car hit head-on.

As a result of the violent crash, the auto it was dragged until the acequia (with Báez inside) until caught in the place. Firefighters from the Central Barracks and Volunteers from Maipú had to work hard to achieve rescue the lifeless body of the motorist.

Both vehicles had to be removed with a crane given the state they were in and how they had been left after the accident.

Al bus driver he was made a alcohol test and, according to the official record, the result was 0,0.

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