A modern science fiction masterpiece disappears in 6 days

Without Steven Spielberg, science fiction cinema would be significantly poorer. Already in the early phase of his work he delivered Uncanny Encounters of the Third Kind and ET – The Extra Terrestrial two timeless genre classics away. Even after that he has proven his skills in the field several times and made outstanding films.

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At the beginning of the 2000s in particular, Spielberg’s filmography piles up one strong science fiction film on top of the other, from AI – artificial intelligence to the war of the worlds remake. The Minority Report should not be underestimated. With the Philip K. Dick adaptation, Spielberg has a modern masterpiece of the genre.

  • Just a short time on Netflix: Minority Report will disappear from the catalog of the streaming service on November 30, 2021. Alternatively, it streams on Amazon Prime.

Sci-Fi Masterpiece on Netflix: Tom Cruise Prevents the Crimes of the Future

The story of Minority Report takes you to Washington, DC in the year 2054. Here we meet Detective John Anderton (Tom Cruise), who works for a special department of the police force: That controversial precrime program specializes in preventing future crimes through predictions.

Here you can watch the German trailer for Minority Report:

Minority Report – Trailer (Deutsch)


The three so-called Precogs Agatha, Arthur and Dashiell have clairvoyant skills and can look to the future under the influence of medication. Anderton uses their reports to track down potential perpetrators before they are actually guilty. Suddenly, however, he himself is the target of the investigation.

Minority Report is one of Steven Spielberg’s most radical science fiction films

Minority Report is based on an extremely exciting premise, after all we find ourselves in a world in which things have not happened serious consequences to have. Anderton is not only in a race against time and himself, but is also haunted by his tragic past.

Based on this, the film unfolds as a nerve-wracking, action-packed chase through a gloomy vision of the future, the Spielberg brought to life with cool pictures. Nothing seems cozy or safe in this dystopian place, which is like a bluish-grayish labyrinth from which there is no escape.

Spielberg breathtakingly transfers the stylistic characteristics of film noir into a science fiction thriller that never comes to rest and becomes more disconcerting with every further shot. The atmosphere is oppressive, but all the more engaging. Few films have one like this uncompromising film language.

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