Secondly, the image of President Alberto Fernández seems to have reached levels that could play against him in the elections, with the negative hovering around 70%.

Likewise, the study indicates that the main reason for electoral results is related to economic management. 81.5% believe that this was the reason for the defeat. 76.6% indicated that the reason was poverty and 76% the lack of credibility of the president.


Another element to consider is the assessment of the measures taken by the government in recent days to improve its image. 59.9% strongly disagree or disagree with them.

The measure with the greatest rejection is the new stage of the IFE rejected with 57.6% followed by the increase of the AUH, which rejects 56.1% and 50.3% does not want to know anything with the advancement of retirements.


According to another survey, carried out by Federico González & Asociados, the Avanza Libertad front stalks the Frente de Todos as the second force in the City of Buenos Aires in the face of the legislative elections, given that Javier Milei grew seven points in voting intention and is approaching to Leandro Santoro.

Based on the projection of undecided voters and without considering blank votes, the data reflects a similar scenario to the PASO for the two main political forces in CABA. However, the growth of the image of the leader of Avanza Libertad stands out, Javier Milei, whose voting intention is 20.4%.


According to the survey, the Frente de Todos projects a vote intention of 23.6%. If these results were given, the main opposition force in the district would lose just over one point of the votes obtained in the PASO (25%).

On the other hand, with the help of María Eugenia Vidal and Martín Tetaz, Together for Change continues to lead the trends in the City with a 45,1%, just below the result obtained in the primaries, in which it obtained 48% of the votes considering the three lists that competed.


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