A new massive power outage leaves 150,000 users without power

For the second time that day, at 2:15 p.m., there was a massive power outage in Edenor’s network, following the drop in service on the high-voltage line that connects the Ezeiza substations with Zappalorto, which caused the interruption of supply to 150,000 users.

Earlier in the morning, Edenor had also had problems with the Edison substation, after it happened one discharge to a transformer and will also put 150,000 users out of service. The sharp drop in demand, produced at 8:15 in the morning with 28.9 ° C it dragged, in turn, generating machines from Central Puerto.

“Unlike Tuesday, this drop in demand had a calmer landing, it was a more benevolent exit, which is why the replenishment is expected to be less traumatic. Half of the combined cycle that left is already entering and we are waiting for Sacme, which is the company that manages the outgoing loads of the networks in the city and greater Buenos Aires, enable us to be able to give us tension to turn on the two turbo steam engines“Said sources from Central Puerto.

In Edenor they explained that the service interruption lasted between 30 and 45 minutes, approximately, and that at the time of the massive outage, the service had already been restored to all customers. “What we have so far is that it would be a fault in a measuring transformer, but we are analyzing and investigating the cause ”, they informed the distributor.

According to the page of the Electricity Regulatory Body (ENRE), at 11:15 there were 5,340 Edesur users without electricity and 7,099 from Edenor. But nevertheless, the official page did not report the number of customers who were without electricity at 8:15, when it was the Edenor incident. The same had happened on Tuesday, when the page did not report the 700,000 affected users either., which the distributor had confirmed.

“What we have so far is that it would be a fault in a measurement transformer, but we are analyzing and investigating the cause,” they reported in the distributor.Silvana Colombo – THE NATION

The most affected areas, which depend on Edesur, are Boedo, Flores, Liniers, Mataderos, Parque Chacabuco, Recoleta and Parque Patricios, and towns in the southern suburbs such as Avellaneda, Almirante Brown, Lanús and Lomas de Zamora, among others, due to interruptions in the medium or low voltage service.

In the case of the Edenor area, users without supply are located in San Isidro, La Matanza, Escobar, Belgrano, Tigre, San Martín, Hurlingham, Merlo, Pilar, Moreno, San Isidro and San Miguel, among others.

At 11:15 am, the electricity demand in the country exceeded the consumption at the same time yesterday by 1000 MW, explained by almost three degrees more in temperature than the previous day, with 34.8 ° C.

The Government ordered that state employees not go to the offices and do teleworking to reduce electricity consumption between yesterday and today, and them asked companies to lower their production and reduce their electricity consumption, a measure that was used during the administration of Roberto Baratta, former secretary of Coordination of Julio De Vido (Ministry of Planning) and the former secretary of Internal Trade, Guillermo Moreno. Despite this measure, yesterday Argentina broke a new record for electricity demand.

Edenor substation, Av. Edison in Martínez
Edenor substation, Av. Edison in MartínezSilvana Colombo – THE NATION

Cammesa, the company in charge of dispatching electricity, projects for today a demand of 28,435 megawatts (MW) at 15 hours with 40 ° C, which would exceed yesterday’s maximum of 27,550 MW, which was reached at 3:14 p.m. with 30.1 ° C. This is the third record for electricity consumption to be broken in just 15 days. The previous ones had been last Tuesday, with an electricity demand of 27,234 MW and a temperature of 33.3 ° C, and on December 29, with 27,088 MW and 31.7 ° C. The national meteorological service (SMN) forecasts 42 ° C for this afternoon in the AMBA and 38 ° C for tomorrow.

No temperatures of more than 39 ° C have been recorded since 1961 in the center of demand of the Argentine interconnection system (SADI), with the most widespread heat wave between December 22 and 30, 2013 ″, says the latest report from G&G Energy Consultants.

The distributors they advise set the air conditioner to 24 degrees for a more balanced consumption and alternate it with a fan, which consumes up to 12 times less. They also advise closing doors and windows, to prevent the entry of air from outside into the air-conditioned environment; the use of curtains, eaves or awnings on the windows, which helps reduce energy expenditure to air-condition an environment; keep air-conditioned only the rooms in use and periodically clean the air filters to avoid energy losses.

The maximum electricity consumption reached yesterday was covered with imports of only 190 MW, thermoelectric generation of 16,404 MW (decreasing due to limitations in fuel and gas logistics, and unavailability), hydroelectric power of 6,588 MW; nuclear, 1,487 MW, and renewables at 2,880 MW, detailed G&G Energy Consultants.

Last Tuesday, at 1:14 p.m., a fire started in a residence in the municipality of San Martín affected Edenor’s 220 kv high voltage line, which connects the Morón and Malaver transformer stations, according to the distributor. More than 700,000 users were left without electricity, when the thermometer in the AMBA read 37 ° C and the demand for electricity exceeded 27,000 MW.

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