After nine participations, it is over for Merol. Jeroen Perceval was turning quite nervously in his chair, but he saved the furniture in the nick of time.

Tonight’s winner:

Comedienne Dena Vahdani wins her second broadcast in a row.

The loser:

Neither Merol nor Jeroen Perceval knew Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. But by sinking, Perceval put an end to Merol’s realm.

Tomorrow’s newcomer:

Filmmaker Anthony Nti.

The best quotes:

Bockie De Repper: “The legend goes that if a Dutchman wins, the presenter has to move with him. Good luck, Merol!”

Jeroen Perceval: “I once had to play a blade of grass and I’ve been afraid of shoes ever since.”

Bockie: “I love it when I see beautiful people really cry. They can also be ugly. Welcome to our world!”

Erik Van Looy: “Jeroen, which vaccine did you receive?”

Perceval: “Suppository.” (Suppository, ed.)

Bockie: “It’s a pity that you can’t unpack with being able to drink a lot. Fitness players can. They say, ‘My warm-up is your entire workout. Then I say, “My aperitif is to pump your stomach.”

After Van Looy’s explanation of body positivity, Bockie says: “Your body is a cathedral, mine is a CPAS block.”

The most beautiful moment:

VRT journalist Riadh Bahri, whose specialty is aviation, says that it is his dream to one day become a pilot. He then puts on a pilot’s cap and starts berating his passengers.

The standings

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