A perfect dinner at Bruno Solo: "I am not a historian, I am a ferryman"

Actor, producer, author, he is also passionate about history. The proof with this book where he invites Clovis and the knight of Eon to his table.

That evening, in full confinement, it is the big crowd in Bruno Solo’s living room. One after the other, the guests ring at the door, take their places at the table and tell their stories. In total, there will be eleven to (re) make history. Twelve with the author. “Not thirteen. Because thirteen at the table always makes stories, but not the ones we wanted to tell you”, He wrote in the preamble.

This “perfect dinner”, Bruno Solo dreamed of. If he could have pushed the walls, sure there would have been more. Especially since they were all free: the dead have eternity before them. And the heroes of history are talkative, as we realize in the course of these funny, playful pages, but full of references and certified by great historians.

I had started this book before the first confinement, but the idea, the angle of the perfect dinner, with people who make me vibrate, who fascinate me, did indeed come to me during the confinement. Because we missed dinners with friends. At the beginning, I had made portraits of characters that fascinate me, which were linked to my personal history, about which we knew little or not the good things. The historians I work with told me “You will see, you will discover Alcuin, Christine de Pizan”…

Your characters all make remarkable entries …

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