The new mayors always start with enormous expectations, plans and the illusion of doing the best government. In León, Alejandra Gutiérrez did a good job and presented a plan for the triennium. Out of prudence, it does not extend it to six years, although it has a high probability of repeating it, just because of the high percentage of votes it obtained and the city’s PAN affiliation.

The priority is safety. “Ale” and the City Council receive a city with a crisis of violence and homicides such as we have never experienced. Nothing more important and urgent. Héctor López Santillana could not handle the package. His second triennium was fatal in terms of security. Only on Monday we had 6 crimes. The attacks and killings of police officers are heartbreaking.

The important thing is to recognize reality and that puts it well in your government plan. Due to its size in inhabitants, León is one of the largest municipalities in the country, due to its labor and urban complexity it represents a formidable challenge. The budget in real and per capita terms decreases due to the lack of federal support. More will have to be done with less.

The problem with any plan or project is not what but how. Any citizen observer can give a thousand recipes, opinions, say what is required: security, investment, employment, better public spaces, mobility, orderly growth. The tricky thing is how to achieve it. Any fan of bullfighting can shout the bullfighter’s blunders from the lines, but in front of the enraged bull he would run like mad.

When his first three-year term was just beginning, he commented to López Santillana that there were international organizations that could help design a good city. One of the examples is the Bloomberg Foundation. Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York transformed the Big Apple for 12 years. The success of his team was such that at the end of his last term he invited his officials to participate in his founding. As he is one of the wealthiest men in the world and a philanthropist, he offered to pass on his experience to other cities and countries. Knowledge in security, mobility, tourism, urban transformation. Everything would be available at no cost to whoever wanted. Few know that the baptism of the CDMX and the colors that Miguel Mancera used were the design of that foundation that helped our capital. We know that many plans were truncated.

I never knew if López Santillana even made an attempt to approach that foundation or others. To improve public security, he invited Bernardo León Olea, who proposed novel ideas for guards close to neighborhoods and communities; direct complaints to police equipped with computers as in other states and countries. The attempt was short-lived. The Prosecutor’s Office objected and the previous state of affairs prevailed.

The plan to increase the number of police officers to 3,500 and pay them better is an indispensable initiative. It must also improve intelligence to prevent infiltrations and expand urban surveillance coverage (that deserves a further comment). The motivation for the plan is the humanism necessary to serve the city. I really liked the passion of our mayor when she said that she will put her life in the effort for the love she has for the city. That is the essential fuel to turn any plan into reality.


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